On Your Tables: Ginger Beef, Caesars and Butter Tarts

Readers of The Canada Letter were keen to highlight the contributions by their communities and provinces to Canadian cuisine after I presented my inadequate and incomplete list a couple of weeks ago. Among your many emails, one came from Jacqueline Fobes, a reader from Pebble Beach, Calf., alerting me to a terrific book about this […]

Dishonesty and dirty tactics define Britain’s election

Britain’s approach has evolved over time. But as the campaign for Thursday’s general election has shown, the media landscape has changed such that mere tweaks may no longer be sufficient. Throughout this campaign, dishonest claims and dirty tactics — spread predominantly online — have rendered the frameworks that once ensured at least a certain degree […]

Suspects targeted kosher market, victims ID’d

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – A shooting spree that killed a police officer and three others  targeted a kosher market and could have been far more deadly had officers on patrol nearby not quickly intervened, city officials said Wednesday.  “We now know this did not begin with gunfire between police officers,” city Public Safety Director James Shea […]