TEA! WICKET! Nicholls c Head b Lyon 21 (New Zealand 98-5)

Six to go. A pretty simple equation for Australia after yet another productive hour. If you go back to the first innings at Adelaide, Lyon was having a tough time of it. Now, after a couple of excellent spells, both to finish the Pakistan series and here against New Zealand, he looks every chance to do a lot of damage here. He’s a Confidence Man, make no mistake. You know the drill: let’s chat.

25th over: New Zealand 66-4 (Nicholls 3, Watling 6) Starc’s up-down bowling continues: twice he bowls too far onto the pads. Nicholls flicks him for three, Watling for four. Then an over-correction lets Watling drive through cover for two. Nine from the over. I don’t think Australia will be sweating it much.

Drinks break. I’m out, Adam Collins will be driving you home. If The Cars were wondering.


Wicket! Latham lbw Lyon 22 (NZ 57-4)


Wicket! Taylor c Paine b Starc 22 (NZ 57-3)

Lunch – New Zealand trail by 437 with 8 wickets in hand

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