Which party has said it will stop Brexit as election voting opens?

The parties have different stances when it comes to Brexit (Picture: AFP) Voting is underway in what has been described as the most important General Election in a generation. There have already been long queues at some polling stations as the country casts its vote – with polls still showing a Conservative majority but also […]

What Happens to Brexit Now?

In May 1832, a political and ideological struggle between Reformers and Reactionaries brought Britain the closest it has been to revolution. In the “Days of May” of 1832, Britain abandoned its stagnant, century-old politics that had barely changed since the Acts of Union in 1707, and entered a new phase in which politics became formalised. […]

Boris Johnson says voters can have £150bn in investment for Christmas if they vote for Tories – The Sun

BORIS Johnson yesterday spelled out the “momentous choice” facing voters as they head to the polls for the most crucial Election in 40 years. The PM said a vote for the Tories would break the Brexit gridlock, attract £150billion in foreign investment and boost our public services. 5 Boris Johnson meets Santa Claus on the […]

‘The risk of #Brexit happening without a ratified deal still exists’ Phil Hogan 

European Commissioner for Trade, Phil Hogan Speaking at his first event in Ireland as the European Commissioner for Trade (6 December), Phil Hogan addressed what he described as the ‘seemingly endless’ question of Brexit, as well as other pressing trade issues.   Hogan is hoping that next week’s UK general election will provide clarity and […]

The Conservative Party Leadership Race

The 2018 dystopian videogame We Happy Few takes place in an alternate version of Britain in 1964. A sparsely-detailed plot suggests that twenty years after the Nazi conquest of Britain, the Soviet counter-conquest of Europe, and the collapse of the Empire, 1960s Britain has become a desolate, hopeless land. Consequently the game’s setting, the fictional […]

To the Brink of Democracy and an Unholy Alliance with the US

With the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the second of the (self-declared) oldest democracies of the world, has, alongside political developments in the United States, reached a tipping point. The political system(s), and most importantly the traditional principle of the division of powers, of both will have to demonstrate […]