It’s a myth that Labour has lost the working class | Ash Sarkar | Opinion

If you were to go by British political programming, there’s only one kind of battleground that matters in this general election. Forget about Liberal Democrat/Conservative marginals in the south-west (snoozefest), don’t worry your pretty little head about the SNP, and who gives a stuff about Northern Ireland when their MPs aren’t propping up an English […]

London Bridge attack – Polish porter hero who fought terrorist Usman Khan in bloody battle revealed as Lukasz Koczocik – The Sun

THE Polish porter who battled a knife-wielding terrorist one-to-one in a bloody fight can today be revealed as Lukasz Koczocik. Hero Lukasz was stabbed five times as he bravely took Usman Khan head-on after the convicted terrorist knifed two people to death near London Bridge on Friday. 12 Lukasz Koczocik was stabbed multiple times as […]